The Envy of Bloggers

I’ve wanted so badly to be a fashion blogger, to somehow make myself known in the world of blogging. I finally made it happen, and I’m finally trying to do this correctly. But the more I do this, the harder it is. A new outfit for each week. I want so bad to truly describe myself in each outfit. I want so badly to make people see me in my photos. I aim for success in my own way… I don’t want to just be another pretty face or another super stylish person. I want to be someone people can look up to. People always tell me; I have an inspiring image, and I’m so determined and set on doing certain things and being a certain person. I’m so set in my thoughts, and I’m so ready to make people see me for me. In this age and time, people are finding it harder and harder to find who they are and stand out in a world which is slowly embracing individuality and uniqueness so much more. How do you make your name in the world? How will I get where I wanna be? Am I strong enough to withstand everything to get where I need to be? The answer is… yes. and to everything else… well we’ll find out, won’t we.

Photos were taken by Jonathan Chape

Shirt and Jeans: American Eagle
Jacket: Zara
Shoes: Doc Marten
Choker: RoseyJohnny
Sunglasses: Smak Parlour
Belt: American Apparel
Watch: Michael Kors


Striped Goodbyes

Goodbyes are so hard, especially a goodbye to the dead.
March 9th, 2017 2:56, Sean MacDonald passed away after battling cancer for months. The world lost yet another beautiful soul.
You had a large impact in my life, and to know you’ve finally passed after months of suffering calms me, you are finally at peace. It’s just so sad it had to be this soon.
Thank you for being there during a rough patch in my life as well as for everything you’ve done for Kylie, and I’m sorry I wasn’t there to say goodbye.
This is my goodbye. You’ve reached eternal peace, Rest well.

These past few weeks have brought on changes of all kinds. It’s the way you deal with them that seems to matter don’t you think? I’m choosing to see the positive in things.

Photos by Jonathan Chape

Jeans: American Eagle
Cardigan: American Eagle
Shirt: H&M(with my own touch sewn in)
Shoes: Adidas
Chokers: American Eagle





Splatter Paint and Realizations​!

From day one, all I’ve wanted to do was create and influence. I’ve always had an overly creative mind, and I’ve always pushed a lot of my potential back in fear of what others would think. Each and every day, I take 2 steps back to think about how far I’ve come, and how hard I work to maintain my creative home in the arts.without the arts, I could never express myself fashion-wise, or anything. The art of expression is my home. It is solely and completely me.

Paint Splattered Pants: Urban Outfitters Vintage
Shirt: H&M
Oxfords: Doc Marten
Chokers: American Eagle