Just a little rant with Mikey

FIT has taught me so many things within the past 2 semesters.
I’ve developed amazing friends and amazing contacts.
I’ve completely grown as a person.
But as the spring semester comes to an end, I can’t help but to feel like its gone by all too fast. It’s almost like just yesterday I was moving into my dorm last August, a completely nervous wreck, moving back to the city for the first time and taking in everything Chelsea has to give. I can’t say that I miss living in New York, because I definitely don’t, but I can say that I miss all the opportunities this city throws at you. I can’t wait to go home for the summer… But what’ll happen in that time?
Will I continue to grow and continue my efforts to help my career?
Or will it just be at a 3 month stand still?
I definitely hope that all of my efforts won’t be put on hold and I’ll still have as much focus and inspiration as I do living and breathing fashion school.
3 weeks left and only time will tell what’s to come.

Photos taken by Jonathan Chapé

Bomber is American Eagle
Jeans are American Eagle
Shirt is Zara
Shoes are Adidas
Glasses are Urban Outfitters


Saturated Springs

Spring Break has come and gone
Midterms have ended and a week of relaxation came and went… well for some.
I personally chose to stay at school, in an attempt to get more work done and continue to work on my success instead of over-relaxing at home. The week for me is filled with days of silence and typing. I love it! Most of my roommates have gone home and I got the serene peace and quiet of new york… well as quiet as it can be living in the heart of Manhattan… Now it’s back to classes and the countdown for summer can officially commence. Happy easter all!


Photos were taken by Jonathan Chape

Overalls are from Zara
Shoes are Stan Smith Adidas
Shirt is Forever 21
Glasses are Urban Outfitters
Watch is Michael Kors


Disney Looks For A Vintage Post

The last week officially as a teen has come and gone and so begins my 20’s. Here’s to having the best and opportunity filled 20’s and a growth that only I can experience! I’ve recently spent a lot of time marveling at how far I’ve come so far and how far ill go in the coming months. Looking back on my childhood, I’ve had so many regrets and mistakes but as I grow as a person I’m coming to realize every one of those mistakes added to my growing and I’ve been so lucky to get where I am. I can’t wait to see what’s to come and I can’t believe how strong I’ve become mentally as time has gone.
This is my final goodbye to the teens and hello to my 20’s.

Photo creds to Jonathan Chape

Jacket is Disney
Jeans are American Eagle
Shirt is H&M
Belt is American Apparel
Shoes are Adidas