A Goodbye To School and Friends for Now.

So, the semester is finally over and I’m home free again, and yet for some reason, I’m almost sad that it’s over.
Not because I have to go back home, but because it’s been extremely eventful and life changing.
I’ve come to befriend some incredible people that have helped me so much and it’s been a magical freshman year of college.
It’s coming to an end far too soon.
I’ve befriended people who I won’t be seeing for a while most likely and it’s definitely sad to see them go, but it’ll be incredible to see how far they go in life.
I’ve seen another year of growth and incredible-ness. A year of happiness. A year of excitement.
And yet, it can come to an end so quickly.
So here’s to the fall 2016 and spring 2017 year…
You were amazing!!!!

Also, I just need to make sure I congratulate my friends who are Graduating this year, They definitely made my freshman year incredible!
Thank you so much, Sarah, Becca, Mandy and Emily!!
I don’t think I would’ve had such a great year without you guys honestly and I’m so glad you guys lived down the hall this year!
You are all absolutely amazing and I know there are SO many amazing opportunities in store for you.

OH! There’s also the possibility that Jonathan will not be able to help me with my photographs due to his work schedule, which also means his schooling may be put on hold once more… which is definitely incredibly sad as well.
Definitely unfortunate.
Jonathan, Thank you so so much for everything you’ve helped me with.
You are an amazing friend and an even better photographer and soon the world will see that too.

FIT, I’ll see you in 3 months.
Summer, Be as busy and exciting as I plan on you being.
Girls, You’re about to kill it in the real world!
Jonathan, I couldn’t be more appreciative for everything you’ve done!
Jackie(next semester roommate), Be Ready!

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