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Oh How I’ve Missed You Fashion School

After what seemed like forever, I finally returned to my happy place.... aka Fashion School. A┬ádream we've all had, an experience some of us finally got to have... Fashion school is the home to all of my dreams and freedom, New York City is where my spirit lives... Hello spirit child, it's amazing to see… Continue reading Oh How I’ve Missed You Fashion School

Goodbye Sleepless Streets, Hello Suburban Weeks

I've come to realize why people move away from home and never come back. Oftentimes, people leave their hometown for work or school and find a whole new world; a busier world, after finding such going back to the chill lifestyle of yesteryear seems like.... it almost seems wrong, for me at least. Here I… Continue reading Goodbye Sleepless Streets, Hello Suburban Weeks

A Goodbye To School and Friends for Now.

So, the semester is finally over and I'm home free again, and yet for some reason, I'm almost sad that it's over. Not because I have to go back home, but because it's been extremely eventful and life changing. I've come to befriend some incredible people that have helped me so much and it's been… Continue reading A Goodbye To School and Friends for Now.

A flock of Birds can dream

A flock of birds flies across the world, but at what stake? What do they really find on the other side? Is it just another busy street? a large empty field? Is it much different over there than it is here? They fly in packs, but will they separate? Do we? Do we ever separate… Continue reading A flock of Birds can dream

Just a little rant with Mikey

FIT has taught me so many things within the past 2 semesters. I've developed amazing friends and amazing contacts. I've completely grown as a person. But as the spring semester comes to an end, I can't help but to feel like its gone by all too fast. It's almost like just yesterday I was moving… Continue reading Just a little rant with Mikey

Saturated Springs

Spring Break has come and gone Midterms have ended and a week of relaxation came and went... well for some. I personally chose to stay at school, in an attempt to get more work done and continue to work on my success instead of over-relaxing at home. The week for me is filled with days… Continue reading Saturated Springs