A Goodbye To School and Friends for Now.

So, the semester is finally over and I’m home free again, and yet for some reason, I’m almost sad that it’s over.
Not because I have to go back home, but because it’s been extremely eventful and life changing.
I’ve come to befriend some incredible people that have helped me so much and it’s been a magical freshman year of college.
It’s coming to an end far too soon.
I’ve befriended people who I won’t be seeing for a while most likely and it’s definitely sad to see them go, but it’ll be incredible to see how far they go in life.
I’ve seen another year of growth and incredible-ness. A year of happiness. A year of excitement.
And yet, it can come to an end so quickly.
So here’s to the fall 2016 and spring 2017 year…
You were amazing!!!!

Also, I just need to make sure I congratulate my friends who are Graduating this year, They definitely made my freshman year incredible!
Thank you so much, Sarah, Becca, Mandy and Emily!!
I don’t think I would’ve had such a great year without you guys honestly and I’m so glad you guys lived down the hall this year!
You are all absolutely amazing and I know there are SO many amazing opportunities in store for you.

OH! There’s also the possibility that Jonathan will not be able to help me with my photographs due to his work schedule, which also means his schooling may be put on hold once more… which is definitely incredibly sad as well.
Definitely unfortunate.
Jonathan, Thank you so so much for everything you’ve helped me with.
You are an amazing friend and an even better photographer and soon the world will see that too.

FIT, I’ll see you in 3 months.
Summer, Be as busy and exciting as I plan on you being.
Girls, You’re about to kill it in the real world!
Jonathan, I couldn’t be more appreciative for everything you’ve done!
Jackie(next semester roommate), Be Ready!

A flock of Birds can dream

A flock of birds flies across the world, but at what stake?
What do they really find on the other side?
Is it just another busy street? a large empty field?
Is it much different over there than it is here?
They fly in packs, but will they separate?
Do we?
Do we ever separate from the people who ‘fly’ with us?
The ones who give us a world wind of support?
Courageous enough to help us go through the struggles that come with aging and success
Do they stick by till the end? Or do they fly away?

I often wonder that.
There will always be a time where everything changes and forces you to have to take a second look at what you’re doing with your life.
But how will it affect those who’ve stood by your decisions to do this… or that…?
Whose to say your original dream is exactly what you’ll do?
What if the dream changes ever so slightly?
Would the support still be there?
Would they still proudly fly with you?
Some would of course, but what of the others?
Dreams are often changing and getting better, but how does that affect your life?
how does it affect your goals?
That’s the real question.

Dream’s are like the Fashion Industry… forever changing and growing in some way.
The circle skirt can be on trend now… but will it be back next year?
Will the tea-length circle skirt be in, or will the mini?
It’s always the little details that change and improve.
So how will you evolve with it?

Photos were taken by Jonathan Chapé

Denim Jacket: American Eagle
Tee: American Apparel
Plaid: American Eagle
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith
Glasses: Urban Outfitters
Watch: Michael Kors


Androgyny and Crop Tops

As College comes to an end, every student is often scrambling to get their projects completed. Especially the many FIT students. I absolutely love being involved in the creative process for everyone’s final projects, and I often volunteer myself to model for their assignments. This weekend, there seems to be a theme in the assignments I’m helping with. Androgyny. It brings me so much joy to see that some people out there have so much interest in androgyny; definitely, makes my job so much easier too. Anyways, I’ll be sharing some photos from these 2 photoshoots since they fall into my world with such ease. I’m honestly so excited to share them, no matter how controversial it may seem for some people.
In other news, The obsession with having my stomach out has continued on and it’s become more of an attempt to make people realize just how simply someone can break gender norms without looking too crazy. I often like to break these gender norms especially because I can often do it with such ease. So I say, bring male crop tops back! Rock it without feeling like it’s attacking your masculinity, There’s no need to have such fragile masculinity in this day and age.

Photos take by Jonathan Chapé

Shirt is American Apparel
Cardigan is Zara
Pants are Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses are Urban Outfitters
Shoes are T.U.K.
Belt is American Apparel


Saturated Springs

Spring Break has come and gone
Midterms have ended and a week of relaxation came and went… well for some.
I personally chose to stay at school, in an attempt to get more work done and continue to work on my success instead of over-relaxing at home. The week for me is filled with days of silence and typing. I love it! Most of my roommates have gone home and I got the serene peace and quiet of new york… well as quiet as it can be living in the heart of Manhattan… Now it’s back to classes and the countdown for summer can officially commence. Happy easter all!


Photos were taken by Jonathan Chape

Overalls are from Zara
Shoes are Stan Smith Adidas
Shirt is Forever 21
Glasses are Urban Outfitters
Watch is Michael Kors